Mars 400S Pro Ⅱ SDI/HDMI Wireless VideoTransmission System

The Mars 400S Pro II is a state-of-the-art video transmission device featuring a 150m transmission range and an ultra-low latency of 70ms. It is equipped with SDI and HDMI dual ports, supports a 12Mbps data rate, and offers flexible monitoring options through the Hollyview App. Additionally, it includes smart channel scanning, flexible fan control with a mute option, and an integrated cold shoe for easy installation.

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Unleash Wireless Possibilities!

Key Features

  • 0.07s Low Latency
  • 150m LOS Range
  • SDI & HDMI Dual Ports
  • 12Mbps Data Rate
  • Flexible Monitoring Options
  • Smart Channel Scan
  • Flexible Fan Control

Transcending Limits: Greater Range, Lower Latency

Mars 400S Pro II is a powerful video transmission device with several remarkable features. It offers a transmission range of up to 150m and achieves a low latency of just 70ms. Additionally, Mars 400S Pro II is equipped with SDI+HDMI dual interfaces, supports multi-receiver setups, and allows monitoring through the Hollyview App.

70ms Ultra-Low Latency, 150m Transmission Range

Mars 400S Pro II raises the bar with an impressively low latency of only 70ms. Compared to the Mars 400S Pro, the Mars 400S Pro II shows significant improvement in latency, reducing the latency by 0.03s. Additionally, it offers stable signal transmission over an extended range of up to 150m, surpassing the transmission distance of the 400S Pro. This ensures exceptional high-definition imagery and a low-latency experience.

Whether you require real-time shooting or high-speed transmission, Mars 400S Pro II meets your needs and ensures a consistently stable and reliable signal transmission, capturing the highlights of long-distance shooting moments.

Note: The LOS range of 150m is based on interference-free laboratory measurements.

12Mbps Data Rate

Supports 12Mbps data rate, enabling high-definition video transmission and delivering clear, refined image quality with rich details.

SDI+HDMI Dual Ports

Equipped with both SDI and HDMI interfaces, Mars 400S Pro II provides enhanced device compatibility and convenient connections to various types of equipment. Whether it's a DSLR camera or a professional film camera, Mars 400S Pro II can fulfill your connectivity requirements.

Monitoring on Up to 4 Devices

1 Transmitter X 2 Receivers

1 Transmitter X 1 Receiver & 2 APP

1 Transmitter X 4 APP

Mars 400S Pro II offers flexible solutions to meet monitoring needs, including team collaboration, multi-crew monitoring, and multi-member cooperation.

Smart Channel Scan

Upon startup, Mars 400S Pro II automatically selects the best frequency channels. Additionally, channel scanning can be conducted using the receiver or the Hollyview App, providing a visual representation of signal interference levels at each frequency. Allows for the swift identification of the most suitable frequency.

Flexible Fan Control Including Mute Option

Mars 400S Pro II is equipped with a three-speed fan adjustment feature (Off, Low Speed, Auto). Its intelligent cooling design allows it to perform optimally in various usage scenarios by reducing device temperature and ensuring stable signal transmission.

Auto Mode: The device automatically adjusts the fan speed based on its temperature, ensuring effective heat dissipation.

Low-Speed Mode: The fan operates at the lowest speed, reducing noise generation. This mode is suitable for environments where low noise levels are required.

Off Mode: The fan is completely turned off, making it suitable for scenarios that require absolute silence.

Integrated Cold Shoe

Integrated with a cold shoe featuring a 1/4-inch threaded cold shoe simplifies the installation process. Simply connect the cold shoe of the Mars 400S Pro II to the cold shoe slot on the device, without the need for any cumbersome additional installation steps.

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