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PENTAX-FA HD 77mmF1.8 Limited (Black)

The lens with a moderate telephoto focal length is perfect for portraits. Thanks to the optimal correction of chromatic aberrations, it is able to precisely reproduce even the finest details, such as hair. The fast F1.8 aperture offers crop possibilities and when stopped down to F4, it offers a delicate bokeh effect that suits portrait photography well.

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This medium-telephoto lens features a coating which effectively controls spherical aberration at different wavelengths to minimize color bleeding, while greatly reducing internal reflections by applying the most efficient black coating to the interior of the lens barrel. It is designed to faithfully reproduce delicate shades in white subjects, and clearly depict the brightest spot in highlight areas.

At larger apertures close to open aperture, the lens is ideal for portraiture or snapshots of people, because it faithfully reproduces the subtle nuances of the subject, and produces distinctive warm colors. At smaller apertures, it lets the photographer enhance the sharpness and even control the ambience of captured images.

The extendible lens hood is built into the lens barrel to simplify light-shielding and storage operations.

While retaining the distinctive optical performance of the smc PENTAX-FA 77mmF1.8 Limited, the addition of the PENTAX-original HD coating and a round-shaped diaphragm gives this lens exceptional imaging power. PENTAX expects this lens to be a favorite of PENTAX camera users for many years to come, in both digital and film photography.

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